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Sale price¥22,000 JPY

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Length 75.5 77.5 79.5
shoulder width 47 49 51
Width 57 59 61
waist 54 56 58
hem width 53.5 55.5 57.5
Sleeve Length 61.5 63.5 65.5

model: 177cm,65kg fitting size: L

Speaking of DUBBLEWORKS shirts, this is the one shirt I want!

This item was designed with that strong feeling in mind.

The image is based on vintage clothing from the 1960s.

Famous denim brands and store brands all come together.

It was based on the design that was being developed.

The fabric is 100% USA cotton. 20 count x 20 count uneven thread chambray.

Moreover, the warp threads are indigo rope dyed, so like denim,

You can enjoy how it changes over time and make it your own.

Speaking of details from the 1960s,

The dot button, commonly known as the "strawberry button", cannot be removed.

Polyester covered with cotton,

Sewing specifications using core spun thread in two colors.

However, the biggest problem with vintage shirts from the era I envision is that

It's the silhouette and size.

They vary greatly depending on the brand and individual differences.

Therefore, DUBBLEWORKS has a silhouette and size.

Rather than basing it on vintage shirts,

We have created the best silhouette that we can think of uniquely.

The extreme shape lines on the sides that are typical of Western shirts are omitted,

The finish is a little loose, and if anything, it looks a little boxy.

Very realistic period specifications for vintage lovers,

The size is suitable for a wide range of modern fashion scenes.

It was fused with the best balance.